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Fedex Köln - Zollerklärung nicht abgegeben

Maybe your are not aware of it, but Fedex in Cologne is a big mess.

They could improve by not lying to customers and doing what they are supposed to do: Ship as fast as possible.

Like many other clients did we male the worst experiences with Fedex cologne. For more than 2 weeks we are waiting for a shipment. Our clients are cancelling and the damage is really bad.

Instead of forwarding a correct invoice to the customs, Fedex Cologne just did nothing. Customer representatives lied to us. We spoke already 10 times with them, but nothing is happening. One representative told me on the phone, that her supervisor does not want to talk to me, and she was not willing to give me her or her bosses name.
Of needless to say that the calls, that we were promised never happened.

Actually was the custom authority of the air port more efficient than this "Express" service.
This was definitely the last time we ever will ship or import our goods with Fedex / TNT.

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